To pull the corset muscles, improve the relief you need to learn exercises that work on increasing flexibility and stretching. One without the other is not very efficient and even dangerous. The greater the amplitude, which can move the joint, the higher the flexibility, the more elastic the muscles and tendons.
Of flexibility you need to perform the movement with full amplitude, using each joint. In some sports, the active development of certain areas of the body, while others start to lag. For example, gymnasts are very flexible spine, and in tennis is shoulder joint. Amateur athlete it is advisable to work on all muscle groups. Over time, good tensile elastic ligaments will be of great help in mastering the most difficult of exercises that will help develop the sport further.
Stretching the muscles necessary for the full development of flexibility of joints. It also increases the elasticity of muscles. When dosed stretching of the muscle fibers increase in length. To practice it gently, gradually increasing the load. It is important to consciously control the tension, only in this case, training will lead to the formation of conditioned reflexes, which would be provided to improve the transmission of nerve impulses. As a result, all the cells of the muscles become better supplied with oxygen because of improved blood flow. So, one of the rules of proper stretching is a slow deliberate exercises.
Beginners should build their training exercises with static stretching. At the time of delivery you need to stay in the position that provides the maximum length of the working muscles. To perform such exercises is not difficult. Slowly stretch the muscle, fix your position within minutes, and then return to starting position. The likelihood of injury when such work is minimal.
Trained athletes can work on the method of "ballistic stretching" is the performance powerful, very fast and sudden movements. As a result the muscles of the reflex is reduced in a very short period of time. Such exercises include fast touch socks when tilted. Without pre-heating and training of the athlete is guaranteed to get injured, joint and muscle, which before the reduction was much stretched.
Exercises to increase muscle elasticity should be carried out not before but after your workout because stretching temporarily weakens muscles, all the effectiveness of subsequent exercises will also be reduced.