You will need
  • massager;
  • - body cream;
  • - Shilajit capsules;
  • gymnastic Mat;
  • - nourishing and firming body wraps.
Do not try to lose weight too fast. A strict diet is too much stress to the body is still recovering from pregnancy and childbirth. Even if you are not breastfeeding, do not rush to lose weight. This leads to the fact that the skin will SAG even more, as you will not have time for decreasing the amount of adipose tissue. Reduce calorie intake by 10-15% and lose weight slowly.
Do massage the front wall of the abdomen. The skin was stretched condition long enough, so to remove it you will have for a long time. Daily massage should become a mandatory procedure. RUB the skin with a stiff brush until the redness and appearance of sense of heat in the skin. Also be sure to independently do the plucking massage. Do not spare yourself, the idea that every pinch you remove a piece of fatty tissue will help you to cope with painful feelings.
After the massage, apply a nourishing cream. Well established use of the cream with the addition of Shilajit. Take a little money, put it in a separate container, throw 5-6 capsules of Shilajit. While you are doing massage, heat the skin, will dissolve, and the cream is ready to use.
Do the nourishing and firming wraps. The stretched skin loses its elasticity and requires additional power. It is in order to feed the loose skin, and the wraps. You can perform them at home or in a beauty salon, most importantly that it was not a one-time action.
Don't forget about muscle. Hanging belly spoils the bottom of the belly, so be sure to suck the lower part of the press. To study the weak lower abs, perform reverse crunches.
Lie on your back, extend hands along the body. Bend legs at the knees and lift it up to the shins become parallel to the floor. Straining press, pull bent knees up towards your head and lift your pelvis as high as possible. Hold for two seconds and then slowly lower the pelvis on the Mat, legs should remain in the air. Perform 10-12 exercises, then do the usual twisting.
Add to physical exercises for abs workout. Jogging at an average pace will allow you to get rid of fat all over the body, without resorting to too severe diets. Run three times a week for at least 40 minutes.
Do not eat at night. Note that during sleep the muscles relaxed, and a full stomach will stretch the abdominal wall, nullifying all your efforts. The last meal should be not less than two hours before bedtime. And better if it is a small portion of lean meat with vegetables and a glass of kefir. Do not eat in the evening porridge and pasta. Slow carbohydrates contained in these products will bring more benefits, if eaten for Breakfast.