The postpartum period

The post-Natal period, during which the involution, the recovery processes in a woman's body, can last up to 8-10 weeks. Ideally, this time is enough to and internal organs, and appearance of women returned in the condition in which they were before pregnancy, and childbirth. But, unfortunately, it is not always the case. The appearance and tone of the skin, their ability to recover will depend on many factors, including genetic predisposition, Constitution, age, lifestyle and eating habits. With this in mind, someone from mom once a big stomach is getting flat after a few weeks, and someone-the consequences of bearing a child remain visible for a lifetime, even if she remains thin.
The best method to keep the belly in good shape – massage and specific exercises in the antenatal period.

How long the stomach will be saggy, it depends on the age of the mother, and which on account of childbirth she suffered. With each subsequent to restore the shape becomes increasingly difficult. But in any case, when after three months the skin of the abdomen remains soft, should make some effort to return it to its former tone. The most useful and secure way special and regular physical exercise.

How to restore elasticity of the abdomen after childbirth

How many new moms mistakenly think that to get rid of saggy belly using diet and reduce the calorie content of their diet! This is fundamentally the wrong way in any case can not be used by those who feeds the baby's chest. So my stomach started to leave, enough almost immediately to take some simple steps to restore skin tone, and, if the case is severe, 5-6 months after childbirth to consult with a fitness trainer and pick up a special set of exercises.
A good way of massaging hula-Hoop filled with sand, or various massagers that are usually used for the back.

The first time I will buy cream and butter from stretch marks and start to regularly use them. Enhance their effect by using massage. Very effective vacuum massage with cupping-glasses or silicone. More often go on foot, it's easy to do, because you will walk with a stroller. Do not give up on breastfeeding, in which the body produces substances that help restore. Proper and healthy diet will help not only to provide baby for his development of the milk, but also to normalize the metabolism, which also contributes to the reduction of the abdomen.