Proper nutrition — an alternative to exhausting diets

The view that breast-feeding affects the figure is incorrect. In fact, a woman's body spends up to 800 calories per day for milk production. Therefore, in this period a nursing mother needs to eat right. However, in order to quickly remove belly fat, you should eat small portions 5-6 times a day.

It is necessary to remove from the diet of fatty foods, sweets and pastries. To eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber and low-fat dairy products. Food should be steamed, boil, braise or bake in the oven. The majority of vegetables are best consumed in raw form.

Quickly lose weight after giving birth will help fasting days. In those days, food should be consumed in 5-6 receptions for 200 grams. For nursing mothers fit protein fasting days. During the period of such discharge should be consume fat-free dairy products, boiled lean meat, chicken, fish and vegetables.

Exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Undoubtedly, the best way to remove belly fat after childbirth are physical exercise. But do not forget that you begin to physical exercise it is possible not earlier than in a month after giving birth. In order to perform exercises effectively, you should follow a few rules:
- you need to engage not less than two times per week;
- strength exercises must be performed in combination with fat burning;
- to train should be on the pulse of 120 beats per minute - this pulse promotes rapid fat burning;
- to comply with the breathing technique.

Tighten the belly will help the implementation of a number of simple exercises for the abdominals: rolling, diagonal rolling, "Bicycle", "scissors". For these exercises do not require special sports equipment, and they can easily be done at home.

Twisting — training the upper abdominal muscles. Should take the supine position, bend your knees, put your hands behind your head. Do slow raising of the torso for 50 times in one approach.

Diagonal curl is a good exercise to train oblique abdominal muscles. The situation is the same as in simple twist. Do slow lifting of the trunk with simultaneous touch right elbow to left knee and left — right.

"Bicycle" is a very simple and effective exercise for the abdominal muscles. The supine position, hands clasped behind head, legs bent at the knees. Are the circular movements of the legs, simulating the rotation of the pedals.

"Scissors" exercise, which provides simultaneous operation of the abdominal muscles and legs. In the lying position need to execute a cross-leg swings. Than feet will be closer to the floor, more effective workout.

Also a beneficial effect on the figure have long walks in the fresh air. You need to walk with the baby 2 times a day and at least 2 hours. You can stroll through the Park or to walk for shopping. One hour of intense walking, you can compare with 3 hours of continuous training on the simulator.