Direct action

If you know what I eager for physical intimacy with a particular man, you can't beat around the Bush and just say to him about it. Most likely, the representative of the stronger sex will be a little stunned, but he will certainly appreciate your candor. Yes, and as a result of its recognition can be assured. This is the ladies tend to ignore such proposals, and the guy can hardly find the strength to resist the temptation.

How to push a guy to physical intimacy

If you cannot speak to the man about his lust, you can try to provoke him into intimacy with his actions. The first way is spilled on his pants coffee, tea or any other beverage. Escort the guy to the bathroom to clean out the stain, blot his clothes with a napkin in a secret place, and the man will not be able to resist you.

According to the second method, you can start fooling around with guy, having started a joke between the two of you fight. To provoke such a situation can any joke, sent to your address. Next you need to achieve only to your brawl turned into hugs and kisses.

You can try to organize joint camping overnight under the open sky, but take only one sleeping bag. If the guy is a true gentleman, he will share your bed.

Another way is a false coolness. If you stay at home alone with a young man that you have passion, enjoy a preview of some romantic movie. Then hint to the guy about what you a little cold. If he is to get any feeling back, most likely he will take it as a sign to act. Otherwise, he will offer you cover with a warm blanket or drink hot tea.

In addition, if the object of your affection enjoys football, invite him to watch the match at home. When his favorite team scores a goal, you can celebrate, though unconsciously to hug and kiss him on the cheek. Usually such vivid emotions over rough sex.

If you are a young man who like you, often use public transport, try to stand closer to the guy. He feels the heat of your body and touches you. From this close he'll definitely lose his head and he will start to look for the right moment to stay alone with you.