How can this be avoided and increase chance to get pregnant? To start, stop criticize and blame themselves and each other. After all, when there is any discomfort, it may influence the physical state, and hence on the ability to conceive.
Perhaps your failures happen because you're listening to completely wrong and not justified from a medical point of view, the advice of friends. Type: "feed her husband with caviar with nuts or have sex exclusively in the missionary position". All this is so unreasonable that is comparable only with the statement: "If you Friday the 13th in the evening the road ran over a black cat,..."
In a woman's menstrual cycle there are a couple of days when her body is most prone to conception is ovulation. Unfortunately, to calculate the exact time of its occurrence is very difficult, but possible. There is even a special temperature graph according to which daily measuring vaginal or rectal temperature) you will find that in the first phase of the cycle the temperature is lower by 0.3-0.4 degrees than in the second. Also have 1-2 days when there is a short fall of temperature before a subsequent rise. This is ovulation.You can also determine the time of its occurrence in the more abundant mucous secretions when they remind the whites. It is in these days the sex has been particularly active.
But ovulation doesn't always come on the appointed day, so try to have sex as often as possible! This will not only increase the chance ofyou getting pregnant, but will also strengthen your family relationships. Don't get up out of bed immediately after sexual intercourse, so that more of the sperm got inside.
Do not use during sex, artificial lubricants, and ointments, as they can reduce the survival of sperm.
Advise your man not to wear tight underwear and it is not long in a hot bath because the high temperature of the testicles slow down production of sperm.
Of course, apart from the factors affecting the conception, do not forget to follow a healthy lifestyle. Do not drink coffee, alcohol, nicotine and drugs - they reduce the possibility of pregnancy. Do not overeat, more walk in the fresh air, swim, play sports, go to massage, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink vitamins and just enjoy life!To increase chance to get pregnant is not so difficult, if you solve this question together, in harmony and patience. After all, you never achieve the desired result without the support and understanding of loved one!