1. To get pregnant with herbal concoctions. Every day men and women (especially) take 2 times the sage tea. You can brew one herb, and you can add a tea infuser.

2. How to get pregnant if the culprit is a man? Make a sea-buckthorn compote. Drink it in man 1 times a day, but every day without missing. A course in 1 month, can be extended, it can't hurt.

3. Both future parents it is useful to eat every day pumpkin.

4. 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar mixed with honey, to dissolve in water and drink 1 glass every day to get a result.

Don't despair, use all available means to achieve the goal. Eliminate bad habits at home and my husband only eat correct and healthy food, often have sex not of necessity, but desire. If you tune for the best and follow all the simple conditions, the pregnancy question will be solved in the near future.