Be sure to get tested before trying to have a baby. Blood for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, General blood analysis, analysis for parasites, testing for chronic diseases, consultation of gynecologist, dentist – not for show, but in order to avoid problems with conception and pregnancy. For men a visit to the doctor is not less important as it is in constant contact with a mother-to-high probability of infection. If there are health problems, first get familiar with them.

One of the most effective methods for rapid conception is the ovulation tracking. If you have a clear cycle, and the calendar method. Ovulation occurs around mid cycle. You can also measure basal temperature in the morning. But to measure it throughout the month to see the temperature jump, talking about ovulation. For "lazy" is ready ovulation test. In this day of "x" chance of getting pregnant is especially great.

Pay attention to your lifestyle. Abstain from alcohol and Smoking, start eating right and move more, take folic acid. Many attach this item to a small value, for example, continue to drink. It is proved that the consumption of alcoholic beverages reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Of course, that exhausted the body is deprived of vitamins and minerals less willing to procreate. Same applies to extreme thinness or completeness. In short, before you worry about the long-awaited baby that should take care of yourself.

It is very important your emotional state. Relax, socialize with nice people, avoid stress and do not focus on the upcoming pregnancy. As soon as you relax and let things take their course, will be the long-awaited "miracle".