Young girls start Dating boys in high school. Often such relationships end up sexual intercourse. Due to inexperience and gaps in sex education result of these meetings the question becomes: "What should I do if I got pregnant in 10 years?".

Answers to pregnant girls on the Internet trying. However, the most correct way to solve the problem can only be a serious conversation with parents. At the age of 10 years full responsibility for the behavior and health of the child they carry, and therefore make the final decision about the fate of pregnancy can also just mom and dad.

If to speak about possible variants of development of events, we can note the undesirability of childbirth at such a tender age. Child bearing can cause serious harm to a growing organism, because the reproductive system of girls is at the stage of its formation, but because the child's body may not be ready for child bearing. Because of this the risk of miscarriage and premature births is extremely high.

Despite the growing number of cases of pregnancy in 10 years, the emergence of a healthy baby into the world ends, only a small percentage of births.

If the girl doesn't know what to do if pregnant in 10 years, is to discard all doubt, to stop being afraid of misunderstanding in this situation can help only experience parents. The delay may cost the health because of the danger of miscarriages and termination of pregnancy is possible only up to 12 weeks (according to medical indications – up to 20).

Abortion, especially in the age of 10-12 years can cause infertility, diseases of female genital organs, and because no doctor will perform the procedure of abortion without parental consent.

What not to do during pregnancy in 10 years is to attempt to get rid of the baby, it could face dire consequences.

If you are parents of a girl who came to you with the question "What should I do if I'm pregnant in 10 years", you should try to accept the news calmly, without this it is impossible to make an informed decision. Before the resolution of the situation, you should consult with an experienced gynecologist, and psychologist.