If you want to quickly cure runny nose at home for one day, you better devote a whole day to take off work. One of the most effective agents against the disease is onions, especially when a cold just starts and has not had time to spread through the respiratory tract. First peel, slice some onions and lay them saucers for all residential rooms. Constant inhalation and incredibly useful pieces of onion significantly strengthens the body and will not allow it to spread a cold.
Quickly cure the common cold helps the grated onion, wrapped in gauze. Apply this compress to the nose and lying on your back, hold it for 30-60 minutes. Repeat the procedure at least three times a day. Also it's worth to eat at least a few shares or onion rings during each of the meals (you can substitute it with garlic cloves).
Wear wool socks and maximally insulate the whole body. Any excess hypothermia, especially of the feet can exacerbate the situation and make a cold stronger. Wool socks will not only warm up legs but also faster to clear the nose. Therefore, socks must not be removed even at bedtime. In addition, two times a day should be lowered bare feet in a basin of hot water and warm it until it cools. Reception tub, shower and other water procedures in the day to avoid.
Fast cure common cold at home for one day will help cleaning out the nose natural herbal infusions. Particularly effective is a warm infusion of chamomile with eucalyptus, which should be instilled three times into each nostril by pipette. Do this every hour. In this case, remember that the nose is associated with the throat, so it is advisable to complement the treatment by gargling with chamomile, calendula and other useful solutions.
Do massage of the nose, to quickly cure a cold. Start with a circular massaging with fingertips the bridge of the nose, pressing down as hard as you can. Then move down, and well rubbing the nasal wings. RUB well the area below the nostrils and temples and earlobes – all of these facial points are associated with each other and have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and the whole organism.