At the beginning of the disease hang over the crib of a baby crushed garlic, which will scare away the germs. Prepare a sterile solution of sea salt and drip into each nostril of the child two or three drops with a pipette. This will clear the nasal passage of mucus.
Washing should be done regularly – this will maintain cleanliness of the nose and contribute to the elimination of the disease. If the cavity of the nose swells, causing breathing difficulties, not more often two times a day bury him vasoconstrictor drops, e.g., a Cold or Derinat.
Use a special bulb for sucking mucus from child's nose if he doesn't know how to blow your nose. Only after cleaning nose bury inside drops.
The child should be in a humid environment – regularly ventilate the room and do wet cleaning. Give him more warm drink to replenish moisture in the body. Useful drops "Protargol", which relieve nasal passages from purulent mucus.
The night lift baby pillow to raise his head. This will make breathing easier. Make bedtime inhalation of balm "asterisk".
For nasal lavage saline in addition to use infusions of chamomile, calendula, plantain, sage, marjoram, and oil of sea buckthorn, peach and eucalyptus, which can be added to herbal infusions. The herbs steep in a Cup of boiling water two hours, then cool and rinse the baby's nose using a pipette.
Take two fresh aloe leaf, wash them in warm water and squeeze the juice. Dilute aloe juice with boiled water in proportion 1:10 and instill 3-4 drops of the juice in each nostril several times a day. Aloe Vera allows you to quickly and effectively deal with a runny nose.
Accepted means of treatment for children are the baths for the feet and hands. Do them before bed, then put on baby woolen socks and put him to bed. Prepare for a foot bath infusion of birch leaves and pine needles. A tablespoon of each herb pour two liters of boiling water and boil for five minutes. Steep the herbs an hour, pour into a basin and dilute to a temperature of 30-40 degrees. The child should sit near the basin, putting his foot in it, so that the water reached his knees. Do the bath for 20 minutes, after which the child should be put to sleep.