You will need
  • - ADSL modem;
  • - connecting cable;
  • - splitter.
Modern PBXs allow for the transfer via a single cable several frequency signals, for example, a standard telephone line and Internet. A few years ago this technology was still unknown, so access to the Internet and making calls to the subscriber's number were produced separately. Today splitter allows you to perform this "category of priorities."
For good communication, to exclude all the twisted wires on the path from the PBX to connect to the network adapter. Any breakage even part of the wire leads to the deterioration of the incoming signal, which can lead to unstable operation of the Internet (slow loading speed, increase ping, etc.). In the presence of adhesions or twists it is advisable to call a wizard that will allow you to replace the phone cable is continuously running wire.
The most favorable location of the telephone sockets for the connection of the splitter is the location of the computer as a splitter divides the telephone cable into two components, one of which connects with the network adapter. The remaining cable is connected to the telephone set, which can be transferred to any place by long wires.
Take in one hand and a splitter, and in the other hand the main telephone cable. Connect the plug of the connector cable LINE splitter. On the opposite side of the splitter you will see two connections: for a modem and a landline phone. Connect the plugs of the devices to the corresponding connectors of the splitter (PHONE and MODEM).
After connecting the splitter to the phone line and powered it devices, it is necessary to check operability of the created circuit. Turn on the ADSL modem, and then turn on the computer. If when downloading files from the Internet to your landline phone can receive calls, and hanging up you can share information, hence the connection was properly organized.