Where to put the car

Leave the car near the pond you can, however you need to consider several requirements:

- installation is possible where there is rigid pavement, designed for moving and Parking cars;

- installation is possible where there is hard pavement used for Parking vehicles;

- outside the water protection zone.

Size vodoohranoy zones

The fine for Parking at the reservoir will be discharged if the vehicle owner could not stand the appropriate distance prescribed by law. However, the determination of the size of this distance can confound, but it all depends on what type and size of pond you plan to visit:

- a river or stream, having a length of not more than 10 kilometers shall be a drinking water protection zone at the distance of 50 meters, that is 50 meters you can put a car;

river or stream that have a length greater than 10 and less than 50 kilometers, have water protection zone within a radius of 100 meters;

river or stream with a length of over 50 kilometers are protected in the radius of 200 meters;

- lake or any reservoir (except lake Baikal) have a water-protection zone of 50 meters;

- to the sea cannot get closer than 500 meters;

- the channels cannot come too close – not close of the easement.

Types of fines

The fine for Parking at a pond in 2015 is different depending on who the offender is. If a natural person, the sum of $ 3000-4500 rubles. If an officer, pay will have from 8,000 to 12,000 thousand. If the legal – 200-400 thousand roubles.

The amount of the fine may vary depending on the severity of the violation. There are drivers who are not just directly to the water come, but almost stopped the car right on the water. Such a violation deserves the maximum penalty. If the machine was left relatively far away, you can count on the minimum punishment.

It is worth remembering that in some cases, to stop the car right on the beach, if it is provided, laid a solid asphalt road, in this case to issue a fine law enforcement officers can not.

To avoid problems with the law, it is better to find out beforehand the length of the river that you visit if travel is provided to this type of reservoir. It is important to remember that there is a penalty for the erection of a fire in the summer. To measure the distance is approximately and stop the car with some margin.

The fine for Parking at the reservoir is discharged even in cases where no appropriate sign. In areas with large concentrations of people they are, but not always. If there is no sign – responsibility is not removed, however, when talking with representatives of the law should behave with restraint and in the case of real violations to admit their own fault – this helps to soften the punishment and reduce the fine, reducing it to a minimum.

The punishment for Parking at the reservoir was introduced in 2011 after motorists began to visit the river, beaches and other bodies of water. Environmentalists sounded the alarm and demanded that the government imposing restrictions that will help to maintain the integrity and sustainability of reservoirs and also to reduce the ingress of harmful substances into the soil. Did these measures – it is difficult to say, however, in 2011 the amount of the fine did not increase. As for localization, then the rule applies to all water bodies and the owners of the Russian Federation. Even the minimum volume of reservoirs, lakes and other water bodies should be protected by the lack of porch cars.

By the way, the public is not always related definitely to this kind of violations. Many members even contested such measures, because first you need to prove the fact of damage to nature, and only then to talk about penalties.