A special regime of use of water protection zones is established, article 65 of the Water code of the Russian Federation. To such areas of this act include areas adjacent to the shoreline of seas, rivers, lakes, streams, canals and other water bodies. In these zones there is a special regime limiting the exercise of economic activities, to avoid contamination or clogging of these water bodies, depletion of their water. Limit human activity in such areas will help to preserve and protect habitat, biological resources and other flora and fauna found within them.

The coastal protection zone or coastal zone, are located in water protection zones of reservoirs. In these zones, located directly along the water's edge, establishes additional restrictions on the exercise of economic activities. The width of these zones is different – it depends from the shoreline or from the high tide, and the distance from the source, if it's a river or stream. Thus, the distance from the source to 10 km width of the coastal protective zone is set to 50 m, at a distance of from 10 to 50 km from the source, it must be equal to 100 m. If the distance to the source more than 50 km, the width of the coastal zone is 200 m along the entire length of the water body to its mouth.

For enclosed bodies of water the width of the coastal zone depends on the slope of the shore. If it is zero or reverse, the width of the riparian zone equal to 30 m, when the slope is less than 3°, zone width – 40 m, if the slope of the shore is greater than 3°, the width of the zone is 50 m. within the boundaries of the settlements width of coastal zones coincide with parapets of quays, and, in their absence, is established from the shoreline in accordance with the bias. If we are talking about water bodies that have valuable fisheries or nature conservation value, the width of the coastal zone is set to 200 m.

In accordance with S. 9 of VK, the Russian Federation, individuals and legal entities have the right to use water objects, in accordance with regulations established in article 3 of VK, the Russian Federation, as well as the constraints which are listed in article 15 and 17 of VK, the Russian Federation. In particular, in addition to the constraints defined water protection zones, coastal zones are also prohibited from plowing, grazing animals and the location of the dumps. For violation of the use of the coastal zone are subject to administrative liability. For individuals, the penalty is from 3 to 4.5 thousand rubles, the official in this case can be fined from 8 to 12 thousand rubles, and legal – in the amount from 200 to 400 thousand rubles.