Before buying a trailer pre-determine the range of tasks he has to perform. According to these objectives determine the type of trailer you need: universal or special purpose. Universal trailers are called such models, which allow you to carry a variety of loads and people. Universal are also trailers homes, travel trailers for transporting animals. Model special purpose is designed for a certain type of cargo. For example, a trailer to transport the boat.
Depending on the type of car towing, its characteristics and the severity of transported goods make a choice between a light and a heavy trailer. Light trailers must not be heavier than 750 kg. Heavy have a mass exceeding a specified value. All heavy trailers are required to be equipped with its own braking system.
When choosing a trailer, pay attention to the compliance with the dimensions of your garage and the size of the vehicle towing. If the dimensions of the trailer or trailer together with the cargo exceed the width of the car, install a towing extension mirrors. Note the interchangeability of tires of the tractor vehicle and the trailer. The same bus will operate a passenger train with one spare wheel.
Always pay attention to the design of the suspension of the trailer and its shock absorbers. According to the statistical studies are the most reliable types of suspension systems for passenger cars of the trailer is a long stroke spring, torsion bar or leaf spring with shock absorbers damping. In the course of further operation of the trailer follow the timely change of lubricant in the bearings.
The vast majority of trailers to passenger cars are equipped with standardized towing device. However, always follow the quality and reliability of the locking device and towing vehicle towing vehicle. The design of the drawbar should correspond to the technical characteristics of the tractor, his size and ability to tow heavy trailers. Also when coupling the tractor and trailer should not be a different sort of backlash and clearances.
Many trailers to passenger cars are based on a welded frame. As the frame in the trailer is the main power and lifting element, when selecting a trailer consider the thickness and the section of the frame, the quality of the welds, the strength of the metal used.