Create screenshot with standard tools

Look at the top right of the keyboard button PrtScr” (Sometimes “Print Screen”). Usually it is always to the right function key F12. With it you can take a screenshot of the screen.

At the right moment, hit “Print Screen”. The finished screenshot will be copied to the clipboard - a special area of memory for temporary storage of information. Now it is necessary to refrain from copying any information, not to erase a screenshot from memory.

Click the “start” button, then select All programs (or Programs), then accessories, and then run Ms Paint. Or you can press Win+R, enter in the appeared window without the quotes “mspaint” and press “OK”.

Start image editor “Paint” to paste the screenshot into the program, click “Paste” or press Ctrl+V is much more convenient and useful again.

As a result of the action picture of the screen appeared in the program. It is possible to edit at its discretion: reduce or enlarge in size, cut out unnecessary parts, add text, etc.

Now you have to save the screen image. To do this in Ms Paint, click “File” then “Save as...”. Select the desired format, enter a file name and specify the path where to save it. Click “Save” and the picture file of the ready screen.

Create screenshot using Lightshot

An easier way to make a screenshot of the screen is to install a special program. For this it is necessary to drive in any search engine the name “Lightshot” (without quotes) to go to the official website and download the program by clicking “Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac”.

The downloaded file, start and complete its installation. After clicking the button “Print Screen” on your keyboard to capture the essential of the screen and select one of the options in the form of icons: copy the screenshot to the clipboard, save them to your computer as a file, upload and get the link to send the picture to anyone else). By choosing one thing, you can achieve the desired result quickly and easily.