Detailed information about the timing and amounts of monthly payments contained in the special Annex to the credit agreement. A document, usually called "payment Schedule". All information is provided in the form of a table, where you can see not only the next dues, but the amount of the remaining debt. Funds should reach the Bank before the specified date. Otherwise, for each day of delay you will be charged penalties or fines.
If the loan agreement is not at hand, you can use the Internet. On the websites of almost all banks provide the service called "my account". Username and password for login is automatically generated when obtaining a loan, this data can come in the form of SMS messages or they are made by the lender yourself when calling our contact centre.
In the personal account reflects full information about the loan. In addition, you can change your details, e.g. address, passport details or a contact phone number. Registration in the personal Cabinet and all the transactions most often are verified by special codes or SMS passwords sent to the phone number specified in the credit agreement.
To learn the amount of the loan payment by phone, which is listed on the official Bank's website or in the credit agreement. During a conversation with the operator you will need to introduce themselves and answer a few questions. Check the memory of SMS messages in your phone. Often, information about the upcoming payment and the date of repayment will be sent to the banks in advance. If the service you are not connected, then when you visit the Bank, ask the staff the possibility of its connection.
You can get a copy of the repayment schedule or find out the amount of the next payment on the loan in the Bank branches. When you call you will need to have a passport.
To order a duplicate of the schedule of payments you can electronically. For this you need to go to the official website of the Bank and to make appropriate treatment, do not forget to specify your e-mail address, telephone number and personal data.