You will need
  • yarn
  • glue
  • - water
  • - scissors
  • - a sheet of paper for baking
  • - glitter or fluorescent paint
Buy yarn of the desired color: more spectacular it will look white or black web, but it all depends on the surrounding colors in the room or the room where it will hang. The thickness of the yarn should be comparable to the size of the web: if you're doing small diameter element of the decor, take a thin yarn. And opposite: if the web will take half of the ceiling and come down on the side of the room, the yarn should be thick.
In a large bowl, make a sticky mixture. To do this, mix in equal proportions of stationery glue and cold water. If you want your web glowed or shone in the mixture, add a special fluorescent paint or glitter (both can be purchased in stores for creativity).
Take a sheet of baking paper, lay it on a hard surface: floor or table. Cut four skeins of equal length of rope (the length will depend on the size of your web), dip each rope into a sticky mixture and put them on the paper snowflake. Then, unwinding the yarn and dipping it into the glue with water, lay out her spiral starting from the center of the snowflakes and moving to the tips of its rays. When spiral wrapped ends, your web will be ready. Wait for the glue dried up and gently remove the product with a sheet of paper.