1. First walk around the apartment and get rid of unnecessary things. They clutter up our house and life in General that take them out without regret.
Throw away:
- clothes not worn for more than a year;
- old Newspapers and magazines (all of the information that is stored in them, can be found on the Internet);
- presented to you things which never found use;
- trinkets, Souvenirs, vases, dishes that you are tired and clutter the tables, shelves, cupboards and collect dust.
If throwing stuff away does not raise a hand, leave them in the clear bag beside the garbage container. I guarantee that within the hour is not already there (as someone mentally say the words of gratitude)!
If you do not decide to throw away some things, have to do it, until you see your husband, mother or sister. I'm sure you won't even notice their disappearance, so they did not need...

2. Play things correctly.
Try to leave more free surfaces and not to clutter the space. Objects and things play in closed containers, plastic boxes, shelves. Cleaning in this case will be much faster.

3. Do not try to do everything at once.
General cleaning break into stages. And complex work with alternate simple, not to sweat very much (for example, wash the Windows and sort through things in the closet, clean the bathroom and the wall paper on the Desk).

4. The job always follow up.
Otherwise there is no sense of satisfaction, and the next day the work will increase.

5. Order to maintain every day.
If you don't want the whole weekend to devote to cleaning, daily cleaner in one, then in another place.
Wash dishes immediately after eating. By the way, psychologists have noticed that the empty sink, clean the table and floor in the kitchen significantly improve mood.
Clean the plumbing every two days.
Wash floor if necessary.
Dust, wipe, three times a week.
Believe me, this you will have to go more than an hour a day, but you won't be caught off guard with the mountain of dirty dishes and piles of garbage in the corners.

6. Don't postpone washing things with stains and cleaning carpets.
Over time you will lose these things, because old stains are hard to remove.

7. Start cleaning from the top.
If the house is multi-storey with the upper floors, attics and basement. In an apartment - from the ceiling (cobwebs), eaves and then down to the floors and baseboards. Otherwise the work will have to do it twice.

8. First, need dry cleaning, then wet.
First, wipe dust, vacuum, and then Polish the furniture, wash the floor.

9. Starting cleaning things, take care to know what it is made and what means better to clean.
Otherwise can ruin expensive clothes or furniture.

10. Cleaned, carry everything you need and protect your hands and eyes.
Don't waste time on unnecessary running around for one, then behind another object. If the house is large, get room the truck if it is not necessary, the surround light bucket where you put the cleaning products, rags, sponges (or an apron with large pockets).
Wear gloves if necessary wear protective goggles, do not inhale powders or harmful volatile compounds (chlorine, for example), ventilate the room when cleaning.