For any of the nine masks on a standard workpiece. Make it out of papier-mache. As a basis you can use a normal plastic mask or make a cast of your own face. To do this, apply on face plate sculpted from clay with a thickness of 5 mm. It should cover the entire face from forehead to chin. Carefully vilaite the shape of the nose and eyes. Then remove the mold and stack the holes at the level of the eyes and nostrils.
Glue the template pieces of thin paper, evenly stacking them in layers and lubricating alternately glue and water. When the mask would be 8 layers, set it to dry for 3-5 days. The finished product is clear with pattern, uneven grind an emery paper. To give the mask a resemblance to that worn by one of the members of Slipknot, use paint and accessories for sewing.
If you like the mask that Corey wears, cover the base in white. Using scissors, hacksaw or jigsaw (depending on rigidity of the mask), increase the opening for the right eye, make it round. At the level of the mouth cut out a horizontal oval. The hole for the left eye circle black circle.
Mick's mask resembles the helmet of a hockey player. Sharpen the contours of the chin, the mouth cut out vertical strips of equal width (1-1. 5 cm). Paint the entire surface with silver acrylic, the slots for the eyes black circle.
Sean wears different variations of the mask of a clown. Color blank white, and then complement its distinctive clown makeup broad scarlet lips, blue eye rim. Also you will need a round clown nose.
A mask like Craig, paint a dark metallic hue. The hole for the mouth, make a wide, horizontal stripes. In the upper and lateral parts of the punch holes. Paste the pieces of wire length of 10-15 cm
The following mask belongs to Jim. At the level of the mouth stick to the template the zipper. Then paint the mask with white paint, protecting the zipper strip of tape. Using a thin stiff brush, apply the mask on the painting, resembling a clowns makeup, black lips and diamonds around the eyes. The sample will be the photo of a member of Slipknot with this mask.
Mask Chris plays with the image of Pinocchio. Use cardboard nose in the form of a long narrow cylinder. The color of DIY red or white.
Distinctive features of mask of the Floor is dark grey and the grille is the mouth. It can be simulated by cutting on the workpiece vertical stripes, or make wire.
Joey wears a mask like those used by the actors of the Japanese Kabuki theater. It can be a white opaque color or with a pattern of scarlet lines. In some photo shoots metallic complemented by a thorny wreath, you can weave it out of wire and paint.
Finally, Sid had a few masks. The first of these represented the ordinary gas mask, which was removed the glass that protects the eyes. The second mimicked a human skull. For the construction of such a cover blank white, and sisuite of the joints of the bones, nose and teeth of the anatomical Atlas. The third option you will have to copy pictures of Slipknot. Fill the "background" mask light gray, and then a touch of dark metal draw the boundaries of the plates on the mask.