All children love to watch cartoons, and everyone has a favorite character. A huge number of boys just loves man-spider. If you want to gladden your child, give him a mask in the style of his favorite character.
To do this, take the fabric knit supplex, mesh with small cells and a marker for fabric. Please note that the knit supplex very comfortable for sewing children's costumes, as it is very durable and practical and easily stretches in all directions. Take the fabric and cut from it two parts in the form of a helmet according to the size of child's head for a more accurate pattern can use the hat of the boy) and just extend the line to the neck. Do the details given of the seam.
Now take the mesh and cut from it two parts to the eye. Sew the eye to one of the parts of the mask. Outline the eyes with black marker and cut out of knitted fabric under the mesh region in order for the child to see through the mask.
Next, sew the two parts of the mask inside the face, grind the welds and remove the mask. Now take a marker, better if it is glitter (silver with a shiny effect) and draw on the mask the web.
In order to more accurately repeat the pattern, use photos of the original suit, which are in abundance can be found in the Internet. Your mask is ready, breathe in it is quite comfortable due to the mesh around the eyes.