The overabundance of moisture in the soil

Bow does not like excess moisture, so it is impossible to fill. And in the rainy season the plant is necessary to protect the drainage. Prepare for this before planting, a small trench at the bottom where you pour the sand, then drop it in the bulbs. Moreover, a sand layer must be equal to one quarter of medium size onions. We find that the excess moisture will go into the soil through the established micro moisturizing.

Downy mildew (downy mildew) struck landing

First, the yellow feathers, then the downy mildew spores down into the very flesh, which ceases to grow. Contribute to the spread of this disease evening watering, morning dew, temperature, placement in the shade, poor heating and ventilation, excessive moisture, lack of phosphorus and potassium with an excess of nitrogen. And in order to avoid this trouble: do not put onions fresh manure, use of crop rotation, use fungicides, and cases of vegetables immediately clean up because the spores dissipate quickly, infecting healthy fruit.

The onion fly has damaged the onion

If not take the proper measures, this pest can easily destroy an entire garden. First, the onion planting need to be alternated with carrot and dill, only one carrot smell may deter the onion fly, so experienced gardeners often rotate your crops. Secondly, you need time to remove and destroy all plants with signs of infection. Thirdly, onions can be watered with a solution of ash, for the prevention of infection. To do this, collect the weeds-deadwood and branches of trees, burn everything on a fire, the resulting ash dissolve in water and pour it in the garden. To enhance the effect of the solution add grinded tobacco leaves and red pepper.