You will need
  • - salt;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - tobacco dust;
  • - ash;
  • mustard powder;
  • - ground Cayenne pepper;
  • - fungicide.
To pests that settle on the plant and contribute to the yellowing of onion pen, is the onion fly. The larvae of the onion fly is located in the plant tissues and liquefy the structure. Onion pen turns yellow and dries. To recognize the pest and get rid of it easy. To save the plants from the onion fly will help the plants planted near carrots. You can also water the soil under the plants with a solution of salt (per Cup of water). Helps the pollination of the soil between the plants with tobacco. There are chemical drugs that kill and deter onion fly. To prevent the occurrence of pest should not be planted onions several years in a row in one place.
Another pest, the onion krutogolovy also causes the feathers to turn yellow at the base. The larvae and adults eat the feathers moves and damage the feather fabric. To be protected from the pest in the future, after cleaning the bow to destroy all remnants. During the growing season, when the feathers began to turn yellow, do the hilling and sprinkle the soil with ash, mustard powder or hot pepper powder.
Stem nematode is the most common cause of yellowing pen. A worm that lives in the follicle and feeds on its juice. The leaves turn yellow, wither and dry up. And the bulb rots and becomes unfit for food. Before planting onion seed should be disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. You need to purchase varieties resistant to this pest.
Diseases of the yellowing of pen contributes to the rot of the stems. On the bottom of the bulb is a white cotton-like plaque. This fungus can reside in the soil and live there for six years. Aktiviziruyutsya if the soil is waterlogged. You must buy varieties that are resistant to this disease, treat the bulbs before planting with a fungicide and not waterlogged soil.
Yellow feather may indicate a lack of nitrogen in the soil. To prevent and stop the incipient yellowing by adding to the soil the missing element in the form of ammonium sulfate or nitrate. Organic good to use the infusion of mullein and urea.
Feather bow can dry and yellowing due to adverse climatic conditions such as drought. Strong frequent rains also contribute to the yellowing of onion pen. Onions should be watered abundantly, but rarely, in any case not fill, and periodically loosen the soil between rows for better access of air.