The reasons for rotting onions still growing in the garden, several. The first and most common is, of course, high humidity, especially during the long rains. Many gardeners bow regularly watered in dry weather, but do not need. The roots of the plants are quite long, and they are able to provide a bow with the necessary amount of moisture. In addition, the glaze inhibit the maturation of vegetable, but before harvest, the feathers should be well dried, otherwise the bulbs will not be stored.

The next cause of rotting onions in the garden can become too large amount of introduced nitrogen fertilizer. Moreover, they can accumulate in the bulbs of harmful nitrates, so the use of these fertilizers need to be very wary.

Another major cause of rotting onions can be Fusarium rot stems of the bulbs. It is a common fungal disease. It pathogens overwinter on plants and in soil. Therefore it is very important to remove all plant residues from the garden. Proper crop rotation will also help in the fight against this disease. Return the vegetables to the former place is recommended only after 4 years.

Sakova rot often affects the bow. This disease can develop because of a broken onion. In addition, Sakova rot manifests itself in damp weather.

Onion fly mercilessly striking the bulbs. Their larvae feed on the juices of the onion heads, whereby the plant rots. Onions to rot in the garden can be caused by and the defeat of its stem nematode. This pest can be seen only through a microscope, but yield damage he can inflict quite serious. Preventive measure is the disinfection sets before planting, and the cultivation of onions only on healthy soil.