Cubic meter - the volume of a cube with an edge length of one meter. Remember that translate to in cubic meters only the volume, but not mass, length or area.
The translation of the volume units associated with meters, but with any set-top boxes (decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, micrometer, nanometer, kilometer), the standard translation mechanism.To translate cubic kilometers to cubic meters comnote the number 10 to 9 degrees.To translate cubic decimeters to cubic meters , divide the number by 10 to 3 degrees.To translate cubic inches, divide by 10 to the 6th degree.To translate cubic mm divide by 10 to 9 degrees.To translate cubic micrometers, divide by 10 to 18 degrees.To translate cubic nanometers, divide by 10 to 27 degrees.
Now consider a liter. 1 liter is the same as 1 cubic decimeter. Accordingly, to convert from liters to cubicmeters, divide the number by 10 to 3 degrees.1 milliliter is equal to 1 cubic meter. So, to convert from milliliters to cubic meters, you need do nothing.
If the problem is from the mass to volume (e.g. pounds meters cubic), you need to know the density of the substance. Use the physical formula m=p*V (m is mass, p is the density, V is the volume).