Make sure that you want to transfer in square meters the area, and not any other value: volume, length, mass, speed, etc.
Let us consider what needs to be done to put the value in square meters.If there is a square kilometers, comnote the number 10^6 (10 to the 6th degree, 1000000) to get square meters.If set, deci squaremeters, divide by 10^2.If set to Santi squaremeters, divide by 10^4.If set to square Millimeters, divide by 10^6.If set to square micrometers, divide by 10^12.If set to square nano -meters, divide by 10^18.If set Pico squaremeters, divide by 10^24.
If the area is given in hectareAh, comnote 10^4, and get the area in square metres.If the area specified in Arah, comnote 10^2.
Having the area value in square meters, you can continue working with the area.