If you found a gold chain, it is a good sign that suggests that you expect a favorable period in life.

In the dream you see a gold chain on the neck of another person. This dream suggests that you devote too much time to other people interested in the details of their intimate life.

To dream of a chain around his neck means commitment and faithfulness to your life principles. In the near future, you turn to someone for help. There will come a time when you will be able to Express themselves.

To dream of a gold chain with pendant

In such suspension dream means meeting with a person of mutual interest. For a chain with a pendant is a symbol of fidelity and family relations. More detailed information can give the quality, color and shape pendants. For example, if you had a huge pendant with a bright stone, it could mean endless devotion and harmony at family front.

To dream of a gold chain with a cross

If you found in a dream a gold chain with a cross, then soon your family wedding will take place. The details of the dream will help you to understand the details. If you dream you someone gives a chain with a cross, you can expect a pleasant acquaintance with a man who for a very long time will play a significant role in your life. However, if the cross is too large, then most often this dream can portend a rough patch in your life and a big problem. You will be held hostage to the situation and can not in any way affect the outcome of future events.

In the dream of the Golden chain is broken

The chain symbolizes the journey of life, so if it breaks in the dream, it could mean health problems. If in the dream the chain breaks and it falls pendant, you should pay attention to the physical health of people close to you. Also this dream could signify the collapse of all plans and hopes, especially if the chain breaks and it falls with the cross.

In the dream gave you a gold chain

Such a dream suggests that a person who is near you, ready to open your heart and treat you with great sympathy.

To buy a gold chain in a dream

This dream symbolizes the collapse of all plans and hopes. You just set myself unrealistic goals, so they, unfortunately, just not implemented in reality. You are cheating yourself. Is to understand yourself and to reconsider plans for the future.