General interpretation

In the broad sense of long hair signify a journey or long journey. Moreover, the longer they are, the farther you have to go. The trip can be both planned and completely unexpected. If the hair in the dream is beautiful, the road you will find joy. In the opposite case it is necessary to be careful and circumspect. Unfortunately, it is not excluded unpleasant surprises.

Some dream books interpret long hair as a sign of success and inner growth. You will know the truth, which was strange, get valuable information or expressed a desire for additional training.
If you dream you see the rapid growth of his hair, then in reality you will increase your career or improvement of financial position.

If you dream of a woman with luxurious long hair, then in the near future in your life happens for a lot of joyful events and pleasant surprises. If the hair on the girl not differ beauty and health, but it is very long, you will have to prepare for disappointment.

If you have long hair on his head sees the man, such a sign should be regarded as a warning. Try not to talk about very intimate things with people, which you are not sure. From major actions or major purchases also should be abandoned. The probability of fraud is very high.

The interpretation of the nuances

If you dream you are combing your or other people's long hair, then all your initiatives have to succeed. Try to remember some details. If the hair is badly combed, constantly confused or stuck comb, then your life will be marred by some sad events or obstacles. Smooth hair that is well combed and slightly curly, symbolize happiness and luck.

In some cases, combing the long hair on the head of another person may have a different interpretation. If you know this character in real life, try will assess your relationship with him. Perhaps you too have control or give advice, that it is annoying.
If you dream you own hands or someone else cut off their long hair, in real life you have to fear deception or even theft.

If you dream you see multi-colored long hair, then before you open new perspectives. Negative aspect in the interpretation of such a dream is the necessity of radical choice. You'll likely have to give up something or sacrifice relationships with friends.

A sudden blossoming of hairstyles, long hair symbolizes monetary loss or even ruin. A similar interpretation have gray hair.