A gift

Find beautiful the whole ring in a dream - a real gift of fate, says the dream book. Such dreams usually are an omen of prosperity, success, gifts that soon will present to you destiny. If you dream you see a few rings on your fingers, so all your plans are carried out, you can not be afraid of negative consequences and begin to implement serious plans, and regardless of whether you wear the ring themselves or see them on other people. If a gold ring has been scratched or damaged is a faithful messenger to infidelity or loss of a loved one.

Ring since ancient times is a symbol of love, loyalty and devotion, represents romance, deep affection, unity. Put a ring means to find love and prosperity, to remove the risk of betrayal, the betrayal of loved ones, soon unhappiness or separation. If you dream you see how your beloved hands you a wedding ring - wait for the ambulance engagement in reality, if you dream you are wearing taken ring, then your plans and dreams will soon be realized.

A simple metal ring means hard work and emergency work, which you have to perform, expensive and beautiful ring signifies success in business and good health.

Gold ring - symbol of good health and happiness. If you dream you are a long time looking for pick up, but can't choose a favorite accessory, so in reality you are prone to contradictions that can't accept or find his true mate. If you dream you are trying, but can't remove the ring, it means you are inconvenienced by the bondage, the restriction of your freedoms and interests.

Ring and stones

To find the ring means to finally gain a close and native person, which you have long dreamed of. Ring usually means the approach of some important life events, new friends, or the achievement of goals and implementation plans.
A ring can symbolize the imminent addition to the family.

Gold ring with diamond foreshadows the relationship with the person who gave you this ring to wear such decoration means to change lives for the better, to gain universal respect, good fortune and luck.

If you dream you have lost a diamond, wait a breakup with a loved one, if the stone is still able to insert or attach back, then adverse events will be reversed, to restore confidence, to return to the relationship.