If bumblebee sting

Sting of the bumblebee for most healthy individuals is not dangerous, except that it is very painful. Rare, about 1% of cases, possible severe allergic reaction. Most often it happens with repeated bites.

The area stung by the bee place is swollen, red and itchy, local reaction (non-allergic), which appears immediately or within a few hours of the bite of the insect and passes in 1-5 days. In cases when the swelling extends to a greater area of the skin, is also a local reaction, although it lasts longer. After the first bite of a bee (or other stinging insects) most often an allergic reaction does not happen due to the lack in the body of antibodies to bumblebee venom.

An allergic reaction occurring within half an hour after the bite, can be of different types depending on intensity:

- swelling, redness, itching spread throughout the body;
- the first item is added diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive problems;
- the signs of the first two paragraphs, and the person begins to choke;
all these symptoms are aggravated by rapid pulse, loss of consciousness, possible seizures, fever, chills, joint pain and lower back - this is anaphylaxis.

If a person has been bitten by a hornet many times in a short time, you may experience a toxic reaction. It is fraught with problems of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, disturbances of heart rhythm and respiration. Sometimes when multiple bites a person can die.

Particular caution should be pregnant women and people taking drugs such as beta-blockers.

Aid to the victim of the bite

In cases of non-allergic reaction quite the bite washed under running water or apply a tampon soaked in hydrogen peroxide, drink antihistamines (suprastin, diphenhydramine, etc.). It is also recommended to apply cold to the bite, especially if it is a sensitive area (near the eye, for example), to drink more fluids.

It is necessary to observe the victims. If the reaction to the bite is exacerbated by other symptoms (swelling extends to the whole body), an urgent need to call an ambulance or bring bitten to the doctor. In severe cases, when cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest before the ambulance to the patient to do artificial respiration and heart massage.


Do not provoke bumblebee, if he was nearby, not shaking hands, not to grab an insect, stay calm. Bumble-bees also do not like the sharp smell of alcohol, perfumes, sweat, odors, oxidation of the metal. All this is causing their aggression. In clothes they are attracted to the color blue.