Don't kill a wasp or bee if it ever anchored its stinger in the skin. This can trigger an attack by other OS. Better to just otpugnet her, waving a hand.
Do not RUB the bite. If there is a stinger, gently pull out his fingernails or tweezers. If the sting is not amenable (this can be with the sting of a bee, because they have a little jagged), apply to the bite the ice and call the ambulance.
If you managed to get the stinger out, then neutralize the venom in the skin. Seat from a wasp sting, RUB with lemon juice or powder aspirin. They have an acidic environment and neutralize alkaline wasp venom. Poison from bee stings is acidic, so treat the bite with soap solution. If you haven't seen that bit a kid, then treat the bite with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, then apply a compress soaked in a saline solution (a glass of warm water 1 tsp salt).
To relieve pain and swelling, give your child a pill antihistamines. For to do folk remedies: plantain leaves, dandelion juice or a slice of cucumber. These plants will take the swelling down and reduce pain.
If the child has a clear allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, severe swelling of the bitten place, a rash on the body), you should immediately give the child an antihistamine and to treat the bite with ointment anti-allergic, for example, fenistilom. If the child was bitten not one bee or wasp, then immediately call an ambulance. The bites of stinging insects are very dangerous for children, they can cause serious consequences.
In order to avoid the bites of wasps or bees, you should avoid fields of flowers and bright clothes and perfume with sweet and floral aromas. They attract bees and wasps. If the child ate something sweet (candy or fruit), then after the meal, wipe his hands and mouth to smell sweet not attracted by the OS.