The symptoms and signs of heat stroke

The first signs of heat stroke include feeling pressure in the head, knock in temples, palpitations, moist, cold sweat, sudden reddening of the face and neck, the feeling of "vatnost" legs and some of weightlessness of the body. The person feels a sharp drowsiness, weakness, darkening of (greening) in the eyes and may even faint.

Less heat stroke is accompanied by nausea or vomiting. In severe cases, people with a weak circulatory system and nerve diseases may include muscle cramps and visual hallucinations.

In young children due to the limitations of thermoregulation of the body may immediately increase the body temperature to 38 degrees, the palm (the back side) and lips become dry and hot.


First aid for heat stroke

If you are indoors or on the street alone and feel the approaching heat stroke – take the supine position, bend your knees and intensively RUB your earlobes. Possible remove outer clothing and socks. When unconscious the attack will be weakened, take a cool bath and let the body dry yourself.

To assist another victim also lay the person on the floor or ground in a cool place, put something under the legs at the ankles. Find the ice cold bottle or something cold, wrap in a lightweight fabric and attach to the occipital depression (where the head into the neck) of a person.

If vomiting occurs to prevent aspiration of vomit into the respiratory tract you should lay the person so that the position of the body was in position on all fours (for example, a child to bend using their knees).

Provide access to oxygen: place the fan or pitch something like a fan or vane. Give a drink of cold water with salt (one-third teaspoon of salt per Cup of water). In severe cases, call an ambulance.

Attention: in no case can not give the victim an Aspirin effervescent and other antipyretics diaphoretic medicines, it may only aggravate the situation.

Prevention of heat stroke

In order to avoid thermal shocks on the street are wearing breathable clothing and a hat. Do not exercise in an unventilated room. After every 30 minutes spent in the sun, go in shade for 10-15 minutes, so that the body could cool down.

Often bathe before going out and after taking a contrast shower. Be sure to take a walk mineral water without gas or medium glazirovannogo. Snack fresh cucumber will also help to replenish water in the body.