The symptoms of heat exhaustion and sunstroke are similar in many ways. The first signs of local and General overheating are dizziness, increased heart rate, nausea, redness of the face and darkening of the eyes. For sunstroke often has nosebleeds, and when the heat - fever. However, in fact, and in another case, the result can be hallucinations, loss of consciousness and even death.

Due to the similarity of symptoms, first aid measures for solar and heat stroke are virtually identical. The victim should be moved to a shaded area, lay on your back and provide him with fresh air. You can do this by undoing the buttons on the collar of his shirt and loosening the belt. Do not be redundant cold compresses on the head and large vessels in the armpit and popliteal fossae, as well as rubbing and spraying the body with cool water. Possibly you can even throw the victim or to wrap a wet sheet, however this should be done carefully so as not to cause vasospasm. If the patient is conscious, you need to give him strong tea or cool water, preferably mineral or lightly salted.

In severe cases, if the victim is unconscious, first aid measures are not limited to the cooling of the body. In order to avoid respiratory failure in case of vomiting, the patient must be put to the side and try to revive, giving to smell the cotton wool moistened with liquid ammonia. If the victim's condition is deteriorating, no pulse and breathing, should immediately, without waiting for the arrival of "ambulance", to initiate artificial respiration and indirect heart massage.

Even if the condition of the victim after first aid does not cause fear, in order to avoid complications it is necessary to show it to the doctor.