Fertilizing tomatoes

If you are not a supporter of regular feedings, you should not write this event from the accounts altogether. Mandatory to feed tomatoes in July if you want to remove a good harvest.

For this ideal fertilizer on the basis of mullein. For its preparation mix a liter of mullein 10 liters of water and add about a Cup of wood ash and 40 g of superphosphate. Mix. In the morning plentifully shed garden beds with tomatoes warm water. Proryhlit the soil around each Bush tomato make a small groove. Carefully pour into it the prepared fertilizer.

A competent irrigation of tomatoes

Water the tomatoes just warm water! Do it at the root, the moisture should not fall on the leaves of the plant. Excessive humidity can tomatoes getting late blight.

The ideal frequency of watering to 2 times a week. One square meter of planting expend not less than 10-15 l of water.

Removal of laterals on the tomatoes

Shoots is shoots of tomatoes that grow between the stem and leaf. They need regular removal. If not to touch them, the tomatoes will spend nutrients to build new leaves, as a result, the harvest will turn out poor.

Remove the shoots until they grow to 4 cm When removal of the longer shoots, you can easily injure the bushes of tomatoes and weaken their growth.