You will need
  • - ammonium nitrate;
  • - superphosphate;
  • - potassium sulfate;
  • - boric acid.
Promptly fertilize the tomatoes. If you grow them through seedlings first feed necessary to carry out, after 12-14 days after the formation on plants of the first sheet. The next time the tomatoes should be fed for 10 days before transplanting to a permanent place.
For fertilizer prepare a mixture of 5 g of ammonium nitrate, 30 g of superphosphate and 15 g of potassium sulfate, then dilute it in 10 liters of water. Fertilize the plants in the morning, pre-watering them. Then sprinkle the tomatoes clean water to wash away the remains of any application.
During cloudy weather at flowering tomatoes bad tie fruit, because the pollen becomes sticky and pollination does not take place. To improve the process of setting, treat plants with a 0.02% solution of boric acid.
Watering tomatoes need not often, but plentiful. To Bush tomatoes have grown well and developed regularly Spud and loosen soil between rows.
Growing tomatoes, do not use as fertilizer fresh manure. Otherwise, they will begin active growth of laterals, the formation of large leaves, thicker stems, but the fruit will be bad, and tied to grow slowly.