When you need to replace a driver's license

Replace a driver's license is required when changes in personal data after 10 years after the issuance of a driver's license, and when the deterioration of the document, resulting in some information in it are overwritten and become hard to read.

Documents for replacement of driving license

Replacement of driving license is done after providing the inspection of certain documents, which includes:

- a statement from the driver, hand-written or printed form that is issued by the local Department of traffic police;

- passport or any other document that can confirm the identity of the driver. This can be a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the identity of Russian military officers, warrant officers and ensigns, military ID and contract servicemen, conscripts of Russia, as well as information, which is temporarily issued OVD return of the passport and has the same effect;

medical certificate which confirms the tolerance of the driver to control the vehicle;

- in the absence of permanent registration is required the document confirming statement on the temporary account;

- the driver card in case of its availability. If the rights issued as a result of training on a correspondence driving course, you must attach a confirmation confirming delivery of external state exams in the traffic police;

- driving licence to be replaced;

receipt confirming payment of state duty in the established amount for issuing a new driver's license.

Replacement driver's license does not require modification of CTP insurance, as the new document will contain the old certificate. Having all these documents properly, you need to take them to the local branch of the traffic police, after verification of their compliance, you can get a new driver's license. Please check the spelling of the name and surname, as well as compliance with driver's license number.

The state fee for a replacement driver's license

Replacement driver's license involves the payment of state duty, the size of which is determined by the state. This payment to the state Treasury allocated for the production of documents and salary employees who carry out work with them.

From 01.01.2015 the fee was increased and at the moment to get the internal new identity is 2000 rubles. Replacement driver's license for international use this year is 1600 rubles.

The payment of the state duty for issuing a new driving licence can be made in any Department, branch or terminal of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation. For convenience, the terminals are fitted directly in the offices of the traffic police, which allows for a place to learn, do not change the amount of the fee, pay it and immediately attach to the documents a receipt.