You will need
  • Wi-Fi adapter.
It is best to use to connect to the Internet Wi-Fi channel. This is because this type of connection allows to achieve high speed data transmission. Purchase a Wi-Fi module and connect it to the stationary computer.
If you have a laptop, an additional adapter can not be used. The exception is the situation when the mobile computer receives Internet access wirelessly. Connect the cable provider to the computerand configure the connection to the Internet.
Update the software to manage the wireless adapter. You absolutely do not have to create a full access point. Enough so that the adapter worked in the "Computer-computer".
Select "control Center network and sharing". Access to it can be accessed through the control panel or the networking icon located in the tray. Click on the link "Manage wireless networks".
Let us configure a new connection by clicking the "Add" button. In the first dialog box click on "Create a network the computer-computer". After the transition to the new menu, click "Next".
Fill out the opened form. Pay attention to the fact that in this case you can connect only one device to used Wi-Fi adapter. This means that if you select "No authentication", you are no risk.
Click "Next" and select "Connect". After creating your network, activate Wi-Fi module of the mobile phone and connect to your wireless network. In the phone settings, select the connection the main channel of access to the Internet.
Open shared Wi-Fi networks in the settings of the computer. Restart the connection to the Internet.