The word "svidomo" has Polish roots and originally meant "conscious". In the post, it was fixed for the Ukrainian nationalists and has become almost synonymous with.

Often "svidomo" in the context it is used with some irony, mockery and sarcasm. At least – with disgust and disdain. Over the last 20 years, it was used so often that now "svidomo" has become a kind of cliché in journalistic, journalistic and political texts by authors who consider themselves opponents of Ukrainian nationalists.

Informed the rest of the word can be found in Ukrainian the materials and the work of the last quarter of the 20th century. Their main idea was that Ukraine should increase the level of national consciousness.

As a rule, those who are called "svidomo" in favor of "traditions of European society", considering that Ukraine should join NATO and to become part of Europe.

Today there is an exaggerated notion of the word:

  • contempt for Russia and the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine;
  • the ultimate opposition to the Russian "Jews" and "Muscovites";
  • the rejection of any languages in addition to Ukrainian;
  • nationalist, fascist attitude to individual ethnic groups.