Study the offers on the market. Usually in short supply, spacious halls, where you can spend a crowded wedding or presentation. A popular Banquet hall located on the ground floor, has a separate entrance, convenient access and Parking for cars. In the room there should be columns, podiums, internal stairways and other elements, visually fragmenting the space.
Make a quality repair. Hall needs to look modern, but neutral. Soak the interior in a soft classical tones. The location should be convenient for photos and movies. Eliminate glare Windows and an abundance of mirrored surfaces, take care of good lighting.
Think about making a fireplace, a Bay window, living plants create a beautiful backdrop for photos and very decorate the hall. Take care about separate rooms for closet, cross-dressing actors and presenters and storage equipment.
Equip your kitchen. Purchase furniture, crockery, Cutlery, tablecloths and other supplies. It is best to buy plain white dishes that will fit into any table design. Buy skirts for Banquet tables and chair covers. It's nice to have your own decorations for weddings, for example, a Bridal arch that you can rent.
Employ the staff. You'll need a chef who can perform the duties of a technologist, one cook per shift in hot and cold workshop, several of the waiters, the janitor of the premises. For receiving orders, you need a Manager. Will need specialist to promote that will advertising, active sales and implementation of new proposals.
Consider an advertising company. Print flyers and brochures, hand them out in shopping and business centers located nearby.Collaborate with agencies and major holidays, service anniversaries and weddings. Actively communicate on thematic sites and forums. Create your own website, telling about the services offered by your hall. Develop a system of bonuses and discounts for regular customers.
Think about additional services. You can offer champagne coaster, fireworks, buy quality audio and video and light effects. On the basis of the Banquet halland it is possible to open a small Agency or team up with an already existing company. You will save the customers from having to turn to third party services and increase their profits.