Assuming that you have, and need human help, there are maps of Sberbank, which is connected to service "Mobile Bank", you can transfer money from their card to another customer of the Bank. For the transfer you will need just send to number 900 SMS specific content.

SMS should look something like this: "Translation 89ХХХХХХХХХ 1500". Here 89ХХХХХХХХХ – the phone number of the recipient connected to the Mobile Bank. 1500 – sum transfer. At a time can take up to eight thousand.

After the transaction from the Bank will receive an SMS that will contain a confirmation code. SMS can be: "For the transfer of 1500 R VISAХХХ from the card to the card recipient send the code #XXXXX on 900 number". The money will be transferred to the recipient after you send the confirmation code.

Thus it is convenient to send money to people you do not want to report your card number, or to make small money transfers between relatives or friends. For example, to share expenses on restaurant bills.

When translating within the framework of one regional Bank, the Commission will not be charged. Transfer between customers of different regions – Commission 1%.