Mobile banking

By using the connected mobile Bank you for a few seconds will be able to add money to your phone and phone your family and friends.

In order to use the service, you first need to connect service "Mobile Bank". This can be done through the operator of the savings Bank, having written the corresponding application, or through the terminal Sberbank (ATM). After that, you will have access to all the features of the mobile Bank.

So, in order to recharge your phone, send a TEXT message with the text "50", "100", "200", "250" (but without the quotes) to 900. After that, you within seconds will receive a notification that funds are debited from the account following the completion of the balance on the specified SMS amount in rubles.
The amount specified in the message for account replenishment, shall not be less than 50 rubles.

You can also from your phone to recharge your family and friends. On the 900 number write message with the following text "the bodies of 50 XXXXXXXXXX", where XXXXXXXXXX is the ten digit phone number (without +7 and 8), and 50 (or any other number) – the amount you want to transfer to the specified phone.

Send a message and a few seconds your phone will receive a new SMS stating that confirmation and the cancellation of your account funds to replenish the balance of the specified phone you need to send a reply message with a specified code. Copy this code into a new message and send it to 900.

"Sberbank Online" - useful option

If you activate the service "Sberbank Online", you will be able to make the necessary payment and transfers, including pay telephone, using the computer. The home page of the website of Sberbank of the Russian Federation enter your ID or username and password. You can get them via ATM.

Within a few seconds your phone will receive a message with a code that you will need to enter the following window to confirm entry. Here in the empty field next to "Enter SMS password" enter the code and click "Confirm". After that you will be redirected to your account where you can view information for all their cards and accounts and perform necessary operations.
Recharge mobile phone only with a credit card. In this operation the amount can be any, not necessarily a multiple of 50.

To pay for the phone in the left part of the window select the icon of the operator to which the phone is connected, requiring replenishment. In the next window, specify the source of the debit – credit card and fill in the blank fields specifying the account number (phone number) and amount. Click "Continue". Then the payment will be made.