During the summer season to feast on berries and enjoy the beauty of blooming strawberry bushes, it is necessary to observe the following rules.

  • Strawberries need good lighting. Growing it in the garden, pots can be hung in places where there is still sufficient light during the day. When growing strawberries in pots on the balcony is not suitable the North side, there she will always miss the light.
  • Plants will form the full of berries only with adequate nutrition. Pots filled with soils based on peat. Nutrients in it for the summer season is not enough. Hence, it is necessary well to fill the soil, enriching it with humus, ash, adding a little granulated complex fertilizers. "Kemira universal" or "WMD universal. You can use another option. Feed strawberries by watering once a week with soluble fertilizer, including trace elements. With a shortage of power plants will cease to bloom and form berries. They wither and turn yellow.
  • Don't forget that strawberry is a cross-pollinated plant. Growing it on the upper floors of tall buildings, will have to pollinate the flowers by hand with a soft brush. After all, there can not fly insects.

What to do with the plants in the fall?

In September, the strawberry bushes are best planted in the garden, because to keep them in winter the apartment will be problematic. With good care planted strawberries will continue to yield a harvest in the next season.