In order to Express them all about your company, make a statement on the letterhead. At the top of the application, specify the name of the territorial tax authority, which serves the request, the document number and the date of its publication. In the main part of the document will present in a free form your request for the urgent provision of information contained in a public register, and specify the reason why you need to get them. Provide information about the firm's - INN, OGRN; ascertain the document signed by the authorized person and seal of the enterprise.
Pay the state fee for the urgent production of an extract from the Unified state register of legal entities in the branch of the savings Bank or by Bank transfer. The first way is faster, as no need to withdraw from a Bank document confirming payment of the state fee. Complete the receipt on payment of state duty in a Bank branch or in electronic form on the website at: http://www.pd-4.ruprint it after making the required data. Details of the territorial tax authority can be found on the official website of the tax Inspectorate ( Pay the required amount. The Board of the Bank in payment of the state fee is not charged.
Attach the payment receipt with a Bank stamp to your application for obtaining emergency certificate of incorporation. Imagine these documents to the territorial tax authority in two copies – one to remain in the tax, on the other you will put a note that the document is accepted (the presence of the second instance is not required). Keep with you a document certifying your identity and the power of attorney (if you are not the head of the company). Take a statement the next day.
If you don't want to get the document to leave the office, order a statement online. Nowadays, different websites offer services for obtaining information contained in the register of legal entities. in this order, you will receive a statement either in a few minutes, but without the seal of the tax authority, or on the next day by courier. However, with this method of ordering you overpay several times.