You will need
  • - alcohol or another disinfecting product;
  • soap and water;
  • - needle or pin;
  • - iodine;
  • - tweezers;
  • soda;
  • the band - aid.
If not time to pull out a splinter, then start the inflammatory process. Most often, the thorn gets to the finger pads, and, consequently, the inflammation falls on the area around the splinter. In some cases, the inflammatory process can involve the whole hand and then, to save her, will have to have surgery.
The first thing you need to wash you hands with soap and water to ensure that dirt did not get to the damaged area. Then, you should disinfect the needle or pin to her left germs. To do this, and boiling a needle, or processed it in rubbing alcohol. In a pinch you can hold the needle over a flame to hot. But then you need to wipe the needle with cotton to gone black.
If the place around the splinters still not very swollen, you need to take the needle and insert it on the side of the pain. Don't have much to go deeper, expanding the wound. Try to stick a needle tip in a foreign body and slowly start bringing it out of the skin.
If this method did not work to get her out, try to expose the forward edge of the splinters from the skin. Now the tweezers to carefully grip the free edge and start to pull the stick slowly through the wound. It is not necessary too sharply to get her out in no case do not pull it at an angle relative to the wound. Pain may burst and then the remnants will pull much harder.
If the skin is already swollen enough, then get the stick will be heavier. To the swelling has subsided, to a few hours to do vodka compress or soda bath. When the swelling goes down, pull out the thorn in the way stated above.
After you remove the splinter, around the damaged area to be treated with iodine or green paint. Do not smear the wound itself, as these drugs can burn the damaged tissue. Then seal the wound with a bandage.