Abrasion the child try not to bandage. They heal much faster outdoors than under a bandage or band-aid. Abrasions are usually very painful, because in the upper layers of skin contains many nerve endings. Rinse the wound with hydrogen peroxide, the pollution around it gently clean boiled water. Further abrasion treat any antiseptic, for example, an alcohol solution brilliant green, decoction of calendula. If no antiseptic, apply to abrasion a bandage, moistened with a strong solution of salt (1 tablespoon per Cup of water). Do not treat the abrasion with cotton to prevent sticking to the wound fibers.
Contaminated wounds are best cleansed themselves, thanks to the bleeding, wash away dirt and germs out. But still, wash the wound with clean boiled or mineral water. Never apply on open wound, ointment, spray or powder. Clearing the damage from pollution, treat it with hydrogen peroxide, then with any antiseptic. If necessary, apply to the wound with a sterile bandage.
Fragments or splinters, often causing the skin children inflammation, remove with clean, treated with an alcoholic solution of tweezers. Grab the thorn close to its base and try to extract it at the same angle under which it dug into the skin of the child. Corrupted, freed from splinters or fragments, and skin area of the baby wipe any disinfectant.
If your baby bumped his head, entrust the examination of such a wound specialist. Only a doctor will be able to identify possible internal injuries. You can have a baby only first aid, covering the wound with a sterile bandage, which is better to fix with patches.
Wounds from bites, such as dogs or rats should be able to handle the doctor, very often on the teeth of animals contains various pathogens.