The operators are trying to make the replenishment of balance more and more convenient ways. To put money onto MegaFon now are many ways to replenish the balance of a map is a great way for those who do not want or can not leave the house.

How to fill the balance of the card of Sberbank

This card "Sberbank" can connect service "Mobile Bank", which will not only help put money card with no interest, but also to make the "Autopayment". This service will top up the balance yourself on the subscriber terms. Instant money transfer without fee makes this way of making money is almost perfect.

Of transaction by sending request the money will be removed from the phone only for SMS according to the tariff Megaphone. For this operation you need to send to number 900 sms message with the text, which indicates which number is being translated (you can use without 8), the transfer amount and the last 4 digits of the card number. All data is entered using the spacebar.

How to put money onto MegaFon cards via the Internet

положить деньги на Мегафон картой

Another easy way of recharge card website operator MegaFon. For its realization it is necessary to go to the site Megaphone and follow the link "Payment". Now you need to replenish the balance by filling out a form. When choosing a payment method need to click on the replenishment by credit card Visa or MasterCard. A service Ananta will be redirected to the page with filling of data on the map. Once it is completed, the owner of the SIM card MegaFon will receive a message on the phone with a confirmation code of the transaction. It is necessary to enter in the service window. The money is credited almost instantly.

In the same way you can refill the balance by going to the website of your card. In the personal Cabinet will be a tab "Operations" or "Payments". clicking on it, you can see a nearly identical window to fill in the data.

How to put money into the Megaphone with voice menu

For this operation you will need to make a call to the service number Megaphone 0500910. The voice menu will offer options to continue the conversation. Account replenishment will be triggered by pressing 2. Next you need to listen to the instructions of an assistant and do all the necessary operations.

How to put money onto MegaFon through "Service-Guide"

For this procedure you need to go to the website in the window that appears, enter your phone number. Clicking the "Payments" tab you can see the different types of transactions, among which you will need a "Deposit by credit card". Filling out a form indicating a phone number of your card and the amount to replenish the balance, "Service Guide" will redirect the subscriber to the window for entering the password card that the caller gave her. In this case, the money will come at the expense of the Megaphone, not later than a day.