The first method for Beeline subscribers. Transfer money to a Megaphone possible with the help of online service. To do this, go to the website It allows you to make transfers not only to the Megaphone, but to numbers of other operators. When you open the page there will be a large number of different possible charges. We will need to click on the tab "Mobile communications" and select the Megaphone. In the opened window it is necessary to enter Your phone number, the recipient number and the transfer amount. Also for security checks necessary to enter a captcha and click the button "Pay". Money to arrive in the shortest possible time.
The ability to Beeline subscribers can transfer money onto MegaFon phone there and with the help of SMS-request. The recipient of the message is the service number 7878. It is necessary to send sms with the following content: mgf recipient's phone number in ten-digit format, the amount of remittances. The gaps in the message set is not necessary. After sending a message to a confirmation request. Money on phone communication operator MegaFon will arrive as soon as possible.
Operator MTS transfer money from phone you can only use the online service "Payment for goods and services." To do this, go to the link and in the opened tab select the operator of the recipient. The transfer is possible only when you log in to your personal account. So you have to either register or log in under your username. Now select the operator MegaFon. In the opened window, enter the recipient's number without 8 and the amount to be transferred. Way to transfer, you need to choose "account phone". Click "Next" and confirm the operation.