How to make a Minecraft fence

Before you make a gate in Minecraft need to make a fence. It can be created from any type of wood. First, choose the color of the fence, based on the color of the wood. To make the craft a fence in Minecraft, you need to only use 1 type of tree. Take 6 sticks of wood and Kraft. It turns out 1 block of the fence. If you are installing multiple units next to the fence, they will connect. You can put blocks at each other and then the fence height will be 2 times higher.

Unfortunately, in Minecraft you can't build a stone fence, but you can set the stone fence. Most importantly, leave room for minimum 2 blocks of wood fence to install a gate. Fencing can be done simply with cobblestones. But can be crafted on the wall. This would require 6 blocks of stone.

It should be noted that in the gaps between the stones can pass arrows. On the one hand it is good because the player can shoot through them at the enemy, but on the other side and the enemy might carry out retaliatory strikes.

You can make a fence and unusual. But this will need to go to hell "Minecraft" and to get netherrack. 6 blocks of infernal infernal fence need 6 blocks.

How to make a gate in Minecraft

как сделать ворота в майнкрафте

When the fence is built, you need to make gates in Minecraft. This will require 4 sticks and 2 wooden block. In the process of crafting is to be placed in the lower and middle ranks of wooden stick, wooden block and again stick. The result is a gate which is placed in line with the fence. When you press the right mouse button, the gate will open and close.