You will need
  • - leash
  • - the fence
  • - wheat
  • carrots
A leash greatly simplifies the movement of animals, in the early versions of the game animals you can lure wheat or carrots, but it was quite a long process. I had to take a hand in wheat (cow or sheep) or carrots (pigs) and slowly go in the right direction. Often the animals have lost contact and went in a random direction. On leash animal clings and, if you do not leave him too far, thus tearing the leash, calmly goes for the player. Moreover, you can have more animals, if you have not a single leash. Plus, the leash allows you to bind animal to the fence. To catch an animal by the leash, hold it in your hand and right click the mouse on the animal. To release the animal, once again click the right button of the mouse. To snap the leash or leashes to the fence click on the fence. The leash is created in the circuit shown in the picture. Thread is obtained from the spiders and cobwebs, slime from slugs that live in swamps.
Create a leash
First, create a corral, this will help you fence, it can be made out of sticks. Do the same and a gate for the fence, replacing the middle two poles of conventional boards. Possibly light your pen, torches can be put directly on the fence. You can do two or three fold, if you are going to breed animals not of the same species, this makes it easier to reproduce.
The creation of the fence
Take the leash (leashes) or wheat, seeds and carrots and go in search of animals. Sheep, cows, chicken, pigs, and horses will spawn (appear) in the area where there is grass and lots of light. Most often they dwell on the plains or in the woods. Finding the animals, grab two of each, if you have enough leashes and lead them home. Get them in the corral or pens. Now you can start to reproduce.
The corral
Cows and sheep breed with wheat, simply click while holding the hand with wheat on two animals of the same species, they will begin to emit hearts, going to each other, and after a few seconds to see the baby. After breeding the animals for five minutes will not be able to repeat the process. Pigs breed with carrots in the same way, horses Golden apples or Golden carrots, chicken breed any seeds.