The block of the fence rather unusual, visually it is equal to others, but it is impossible to jump over. It will not be able to overcome neither the player nor any other creature. There are several types of fence in Minecraft: wood, stone and brick from hell.
To make a fence in Minecraft, you will need boards, of which we will make sticks and from sticks, create a workbench on the fence. It is possible to put torches to light up the adjacent territory, and it looks pretty nice.
To make sticks, place on the workbench boards in the same way as the picture. It should be noted that holding down Shift and clicking the image obtained of the object can be crafted items from total number of placed on the workbench components, and the result will go straight to inventory.
Make sticks in Minecraft
Further, from the sticks in the following way to make a fence in Minecraft. Just place them in the same sequence as in the image. The fence can be built in several floors, placing the elements on top of each other.
To make a fence in Minecraft
The fence can also be equipped with a gate. The materials to make it all the same boards and sticks. Place them on the workbench in the same way as in the image. In the closed position the gate is impassable, as the fence. Opens and closes like a normal door. You learned how to make a fence in Minecraft and can now keep their land under control.
To make a gate in Minecraft